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Dahua 1 Channel 4MP Passive HDCVI Balun with Power - PFM801-4MP

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  • Power supply: Input voltage DC24-36V, can provide DC12V 8W(max) power supply to remote cameras, simplify engineering wiring.
  • Transmission effect: Real-time transmission video, no delay, strong anti-interference.
  • Transmission distance: 400m (max). 
  • Main functions: Use single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) real-time transmit 1-ch HD video signal and 1-ch DC power.
  • Protection and anti-interference: Excellent anti-thunder, anti-static and anti-interference capabilities.
  • Appearance structure: ABS engineering plastics shell, small size, use RJ45 standard interface connection mode.



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  • SKUPFM801-4MP
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