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Unify OScAR-Pro 300: Second (redundant) power - L30280-D600-A109


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OScAR-Pro 300: Second (redundant) power supply DCAdditional DC power supply board for a redundant electric power supply of the server, incl. open-ended DC connector cable (6 m) Note:

  • For first-time order, upgrade or as a later add-on
  • Only in combination with L30280-D600-A103
    i.e. with OScAR 300 hardware
  • Not in combination with L30280-D600-A108
  • Maximally 1x per server
    Hint: The breakdown is shown completely.

consisting of:

1 TNK:E8-2DC OScAR-Pro 300: Second (redundant) power supply DC
Product Usage:

OpenScape Alarm Response Professional V4


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  • SKUL30280-D600-A109
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