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Gigaset pro N870 virtual integrator licence - S30852-H2716-X1

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With releasing the Integrator for Large and Enterprise solutions, we also released the Licenses described below. The license page is only available in the web-interface of the Virtual Integrator and when the N870 has the role Integrator only.

The following Licenses are available.

N870 Virtual Integrator software License S30852-H2716-X1
N870 DECT Manager license S30852-H2716-X2
The Integrator is available in 2 versions.

N870 in Integrator only mode (Up to 4 DECT Managers)

  • For each DECT manager an N870 DECT Manager license is needed
  • N870 Virtual Integrator software (Up to 100 DECT managers)
  • One N870 Virtual Integrator software license is needed
  • For each DECT manager an N870 DECT Manager license is needed
  • The License is based on the N870 hardware MAC address.

How to add a License:

  • Define the Master DECT Manager (Only when using the N870 Virtual Integrator software)
  • Download the License Request file from the N870 License page
  • Buy a License using the license Request file
  • Upload the new License


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